Working from home

My ultimate goal for a long time now has been to find a way to make a living working from home.  There is a LOT online about people who have done it and how to go about doing it yourself.  There are also many other sites that claim work at home programs are all scams.  I want to see for myself.

While I have seen that it is possible earn money online without a website, it seemed to me that having a site would make it easier.  To have a site, you need a host.  I spent the last two months researching hosting.  I didn’t have a lot of startup cash, so $50 had to be my limit.  I knew I wanted a site that would have a blog and e-commerce.  I sketched out in a notebook exactly what I wanted my site to be, which helped me develop a list of must-haves.

I found it interesting that the top 3 web hosts on one site were the bottom 3 on another.  I discovered affiliate marketing was probably the reason for that.  Affiliate marketing is when a blogger puts a link to a product or service in an article.  If the reader clicks on that link and subsequently purchases the product or service, a percentage of the sale goes back to the blogger.  It’s one of the strategies I plan to use to monetize this site, once I know a bit more about it.

After sorting through countless reviews on web hosts, I finally narrowed it down to two: Hostgator and siteground.  Using an affiliate marketing link from one of the review sites, I found I could get everything I wanted on Hostgator for $36 for the first year, whereas siteground was going to cost double that.

My site has been up for 24 hours now, and I’m still working on it.  I don’t know why, but I always seem to underestimate the time it takes to do things on a computer.  Most of my pages have been created, but I’m not completely happy with how they look just yet.  I have more products to upload in the shop, and more content to write.  Thankfully I started this project on a day off from my full-time job to allow for this initial set-up time.

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