About me

I am a multi-faceted individual living in the northeast kingdom of Vermont (yes, it’s actually called that!)


When I was seven, my grandmother threw a fit that I hadn’t yet learned the needle arts.  She then proceeded to teach me the basics of all of them.  For my first project on my own, I tried to knit a scarf for her.  When she pointed out the many “buttonholes” I gave up on knitting.  She had given me a book on crochet, and I loved it!

While I crocheted things as gifts and for use around the house, I didn’t try designing until I came across the Herrschner’s Afghan contest.  My Seahorse Social design won honorable mention and I was awarded a cash prize and my first publication.

Since then I have had designs published in many crochet magazines.


At one point I was desperately trying to find a way to make money online working from home.  I was recovering from a knee injury and dreaming of a vacation far from daytime television!  That was when I found textbroker.  Being rated a level 4 out of 5 writer by them when I hadn’t written anything in years was a wake up call.  A little more online investigation revealed that there were people who were actual freelance writers that worked from home.  Maybe I could too?

I enrolled in an online technical writing degree program at the University of Minnesota, Mankato.  It introduced me to the many different kinds of technical writing there are – from software help guides to grant proposals to policies and procedures – but didn’t have anything on how to launch a freelance career.  It did give me exposure to editing, however.


The Crochet Guild of America (CGOA) had a conference in Manchester, NH one year so I decided to make a day trip of it.  One of the speakers was a full-time crochet editor.  I had never even considered combining crochet and editing before, but it made sense.  I found a course on technical editing and loved it!