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Technical Frustration!

I have been dealing with so many issues lately I haven’t had the time to blog.  Imagine my surprise and frustration of trying to log on only to get a 404 site not found error!

Normally, I log on to Hostgator and then click the link to my site from there.  That will usually bring me right where I want to go – the control panel. I have no idea why there are 2 control panels for one site, but there’s one from Hostgator and one from WordPress.  While there is some duplication, I have found that some things can only be done on one or the other.

According to the Hostgator help website, the 404 error can be corrected by returning the permalink to default.  This is done by going to c-panel -> settings -> permalinks.  I logged into my site via WordPress, only to find the settings on that c-panel didn’t have a permalink option!


Option 2: modify htaccess file. Yeah, right. Click on that link from the help page gives me the same problem – I can’t access the Hostgator WP c-panel.  Thus, I contact support via chat.

Carlos, the chat representative, didn’t seem to understand what the problem was.  He gave me a  /wp-admin link to try to log into which didn’t work at all.  Then he asked for my login credentials so he could try it on his end! Seriously?! After an hour of him “checking into the problem” he tells me that my site is accessible from around the world. No kidding – the site itself is active – the 404 error occurs when I try to access Hostgator WP c-panel!  I told him (repeatedly) that I had access to the site from WordPress.  That only seemed to confuse him more.  Finally, he tells me that the tech people at Hostgator have confirmed there is a problem with the link to WordPress and they are working on it.  They have no idea how long it will take to fix.

I supposed I will try to access it again tomorrow.  At least my site is up.