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Where did it go? My products disappeared!

In the ongoing effort to build this site, I started working on linking it to Facebook.  This required going back to my old site to click on the Facebook link there to get to the Cogger Crochet page.  Luckily, my laptop remembered the login credentials.

I haven’t used Facebook since something like 2013, so I had a little updating to do.  I discovered the “add a button” feature which is needed to link to my shop page.  To make sure the URL was correct, I brought up this site and went to the shop page.

That’s the point my blood ran cold – the page was there, but there weren’t ANY products!  I went to my dashboard, and the products were there.  The product pages were there to edit.  But there were no products on my shop page.
Photo by Lukas from Pexels

I made this discovery about 15 minutes before I had to get ready to go to my day job.  Imagine the frustration!  Frantically speed reading woocommerce help websites – it’s a minor comfort to find that this has happened before – only to find answers like ‘re-install wordpress’ and ‘add this code’.  These are very scary options!  What if it messed things up even more? I didn’t have the time!

In desperation, I opted to edit the shop page and then re-publish it.  It was a quick, simple solution that appears to have worked!  My products came back!